News/1 Dec 2020

5 Fun Virtual Activities for Your Next Zoom Party

  1. Cook-a-long Dinner Party Going out for dinner or enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal is always a wonderful way to socialise and connect with your loved ones, so why not try to recreate that experience virtually? Regardless of whether you and your friends are complete novices or comfortable cooks in the kitchen, take turns to host cook-a-longs, showing each other how to make your signature dishes. These cook-a-longs could take place once a week, or you could even go as far as to create a virtual ‘Come Dine With Me’ where everyone is able to host or follow a cook-a-long each night of the week. Cooking is a fantastic way to entertain both yourself and others, whilst encouraging you to try your hand at something new over lockdown. What’s more, with Duet’s fully fitted kitchens, whipping up a tasty dish can be an easy and enjoyable experience.
  1. Virtual Movie Night Even though you may not be able to go see a new film with your favourite cinema companion, that does not mean you can’t experience the excitement of a movie night. Find an evening where you and your friends are free and arrange a virtual movie night, where you can watch a film at the same time together, whilst also on a video call. Whether you want to choose a classic or a new release, watching films with your friends virtually is a simple way to help combat loneliness and also gives you something new to chat about. If you want to make the evening really special for all those involved, arrange to have mini-movie packages sent out to your loved ones. These could contain popcorn, their favourite fizzy drink, sweets and maybe even cosy pyjamas that they can wear for the evening.
  1. Family Favourite Games The Zoom quiz may have been an essential over the first lockdown, but it’s time to try something new for your next virtual get together. Boardgames and party games are one of the highlights for many people over the festive period and lots of them can be played virtually too. Set a date for a fun virtual party with friends, whether to celebrate Christmas or simply to catch-up, and surprise your friends with a night full of party classics such as charades, Pictionary, and cribbage. To keep the games running as smoothly as possible, it’s a good idea to act as an adjudicator for the night, privately messaging your guests with the different objects and titles that they need to act out or draw whilst also keeping track of scores.
  1. Book clubs Setting up a book club for your friends, family, and anyone interested is a fantastic way to broaden what you read and stay connected with people. Decide which book you would like to start with and reach out to anyone you know that you think might be interested in joining a book club – you could even publicise this on your social media channels, local Facebook groups, or the Duet app. Whether it’s just you and one other friend or a group of 20 who will be meeting to share thoughts, opinions and insights, a monthly book club can help keep you motivated to read. Alternate who picks the next book so that each member has a chance to choose – this will help keep people engaged and is also a great way to get to know people, and their tastes, better.
  1. Cocktail making If you’ve had your cocktail-making kit tucked away in the cupboard since summer came to an end, then the festive season is the perfect excuse to start mixing some delicious drinks again! Find inspiration online or from your favourite establishments and share some cocktail recipes with your friends that you’d like to recreate. Once everyone has had the chance to gather their ingredients, set up a video call where you can channel your inner mixologist and try out some festive cocktails. If you think you’ll need some professional guidance when preparing your drinks, there are plenty of online tutorials or live cocktail making classes on Instagram that you and your friends can make the most of too.

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