News/6 Aug 2020

Easy Ways to Refresh your Home

  1. Beautiful Bedspreads There is nothing better than kicking your feet up at the end of a busy day and getting tucked in under your duvet. While comfort is key for a good bed, that doesn’t mean its appearance isn’t important too and a new bedspread is one of the easiest ways to transform your bedroom. Adding contrasting cushions, with different textures and patterns, as well as a soft throw, will help enhance the feeling of luxury your décor gives and make the bed a worthy centrepiece of the bedroom.

  2. Picture Perfect Where you live shouldn’t feel like a temporary stay or a showroom, it should feel like home with all its comforts and that means adding a touch of your personality to it is essential. Incorporating photographs into your décor is a sweet and sentimental way to truly make a home your own and surround yourself with happy memories. If you don’t feel like opting for the traditional picture frame on the bedside table then why not try something a little more inventive like printing polaroid-style pictures and clipping them to a long string of fairy lights which can then be draped over mirrors, along your desk, or around your bedroom. Go vintage and buy some cute magnets so you can stick a collage of your favourite snaps to your fridge door and bring some personality and nostalgia to the kitchen.

  1. Plant Power If you’re looking for a way to brighten up your home, especially during those cold winter months, then look no further than the trusty houseplant! The gorgeous green shades of a plant will bring joy and a touch of nature to whatever room its placed. The importance of scent in a home is often overlooked, but the aromas of flowers and plants will certainly freshen up your living space. What’s more, plants have real well-being benefits such as increasing productivity, aiding sleep, and removing harmful toxins from the air, so not only will plants improve the appearance of your home, they can also improve the time you spend in it too!

  2. Accent Appliances Drastic actions, such as entirely overhauling your furniture or colour schemes, don’t need to be taken to revamp your décor. Instead, pick an accent colour for your kitchen appliances and crockery as a fun yet sophisticated way to add a splash of your favourite colour to the kitchen, an often-neglected room when it comes to incorporating personal style. Extend this accent colour to other rooms, through furnishings, such as cushions and table runners, to create a coherent and classy decorative theme.

  3. Pet-friendly Chic If you are wanting to freshen up your home, then don’t forget to include your pets too! At Duet, we know how important pets are in making a house a home, which is why all our apartments are pet-friendly. Why not utilise your pet’s accessories to accentuate your decorative themes? When buying new bowls, beds, collars and even toys, choose colours and patterns that compliment your colour scheme and overall interior style.

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