News/9 Dec 2020

How Duet is Helping Residents Live More Eco-Friendly Lives

One such initiative that we have introduced, is the installation of a collection point for the Salford Food Bank where residents can donate spare or unwanted food to those who need it most in the local community. Making it even easier for our like-minded residents to donate food, directly helping the increasing number of families and individuals in the local area that are reliant on foodbanks. Having the collection point conveniently located at Duet also means that those shielding or those who prefer to stay home during tier 3 restrictions can still give back.

Another initiative that we have introduced for residents is socially distanced litter-picking events in the Salford Quays area. Not only is this a great way for residents to get to know each other and strengthen the Duet community, it also allows residents to do their bit in keeping the city of Salford clean and prevent further pollution from entering the river (and eventually the sea).

“Slow” and “second hand” fashion is undeniably on the rise, which is why Duet are proud to be working with White Rose, an online retailer of second hand apparel. Allowing residents to donate unwanted clothes and accessories to White Rose with ease via their familiar Duet management team - not only are old garments given a new lease of life through this initiative, all of the proceeds from sales are donated to Aegis, an international organisation working to prevent genocide.

Ultimately, our goal at Duet is to provide our residents with the best and most convenient renting experience possible and we consider these new socially-conscious initiatives to be an important extension of this object. Just like our on-site gym and virtual socials help to enrich our residents’ lives, these initiatives make giving back to the community and supporting important issues easy and accessible with covid-safe opportunities to get to know your neighbours also.

If you’re interested in finding out more about life at Duet and the other exciting initiatives that you can enjoy and participate in as a resident, contact our lettings team for more information at: