News/5 Jun 2020

How to do the Perfect Sunday Brunch at Home

Take a look at some simple tips for you to elevate your plate, at home:

1. High quality coffee No morning is complete without a good cup of coffee to get you through the day – so rather than sticking with your bog-standard instant coffee, why not opt for a more premium option? Invest in some high-quality coffee beans, a cafetiere, and maybe even some flavoured syrups to recreate your favourite coffee-shop blends. Not only will this be a delicious drink to start the day with, a fresh pot of coffee always adds a touch of authenticity to any brunch.

2. Go Local To really make your home-cooked brunch special and full of flavour, go local with your ingredients. Whether you’re after the perfect sourdough loaf or the ripest of avocados, there are plenty of independent fruit and veg shops, butchers, and bakeries that remain open. Sourcing your fresh ingredients at such shops is a great way to support smaller businesses while stocking up on delicious produce – a win, win!

3. Create your own Condiments One perk of eating out for brunch is that often the simplest of components or condiments have a delicious twist to them. While it might be tempting to just stick with your shop bought and pre-made staples, making them from scratch will not only add flavour to your dish but is also a great way to get creative in the kitchen. Whether it’s salsa, baked beans, a ketchup-inspired sauce, or even a fresh fruit smoothie that you want, there are plenty of easy online recipes that will show you just how simple it can be to prepare it yourself!

4. Set for Success Sometimes, it is not what you’re eating but where you’re eating that can make all the difference. To make your Sunday brunch at home feel like a treat, and not just part of your ordinary routine, set the table in an extra-special way with your favourite crockery. Whether that’s a fancy champagne flute, polka dot plates, or a chic table runner, make your surroundings that little bit more luxury to take your brunch to the next level, and to get some Insta-worthy shots too!

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