News/20 Apr 2020

Working Out From Home

What could I do with 5 good minutes?

For many people, exercising for up to or over an hour a day is impractical, and even if it is possible, it can be daunting. It’s a common misconception that only long workouts are effective, and this myth shouldn’t stand in the way of your wellbeing. If you’re unsure on how to incorporate exercise into your daily routine in an easy and convenient way, Josh says to start small and ask yourself, what could I do with 5 good minutes? “5 minutes of activity can make all the difference to your day - you could dedicate this short amount of time to a morning yoga flow routine, a free beginner exercise class on YouTube, or even walking up 10 flights of the stairs in your apartment block” he suggests.

Does my environment support my intention?

Everybody encounters barriers to exercising, especially when confined to working out from home. However, we often don’t want to admit that it’s our own actions that have created these obstacles. Another question to ask yourself, that is essential to finding the motivation to work out, is does my environment support my intention? Josh explains “you have to ensure that your environment is helping and not hindering your objectives: if you want to work out, then make sure your flat is tidy and you have space to do so. If you want to stretch and unwind before bed, then don’t let Netflix continue to play.”

How can I change my routine?

It’s completely natural to want to stick to the comforts of your normal routine, especially when we’re experiencing such uncertainty and stress. However, it’s exactly in these times that positive changes to your daily routine are most important, such as time spent on your wellbeing and fitness. “To build new good habits, you must make old habits unattractive. You must be persistent and practical when introducing change to your daily life and replacing bad habits” Josh explains. “For example, if you find yourself drinking a glass of wine every day straight after work, stick a post-it with ‘get changed now’ on the wine glasses in your kitchen. The next time you go to pour some wine after finishing work, turn around and go and get changed into your workout gear.”

What are you working towards?

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or a complete novice, knowing what you want from your exercise is fundamental to using your time in a wise and meaningful way. Do you want a back that isn’t sore after a day sitting down, shoulders that are strong enough to swim for 1 hour, or perhaps endurance that can sustain 10km of running? Creating new and clear objectives gives your exercise purpose, while also preventing boredom and stagnation. Josh advises “if you do the same thing every day with the same objectives, you’re going to get bored. Just like our minds, our bodies need different stimuli to keep adapting and to keep growing.”

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